Emmett Till Video

After watching the Emmett Till video and what happened to him it got me thinking.  There are groups and people I do not care for but the way they treated this young man was less than an animal.  People would not even think of doing what they did to an animal.  I can not fathom the level of hatred that would drive someone to butcher another human being.  Just because I do not care much for other groups, does not mean I want them to come to harm, it means I want stay away from them.  This level of hatred I hope is thing of the past but I am sure it is not.  I hope we have become more enlightened society and this is something that does not happen anymore.  Emmett’s mother is a true hero for enduring what she did.  She even stated that the results of the trial are what she expected.  The most shocking thing about this case is that people are still alive today when this happened.  This is not accent history, this recent.  I know we have a long way to go to make society equal but the leaps and bounds that we have come since then at the very least gives us hope.

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