How you know the N word is coming

That is the name of this piece from a comedy performance by Bill Burr.  The link is listed below.  It’s about 5 minutes long.

I am a big fan of Bill Burr.  He is a very funny and very practical comedian.  The best comedy of course is to make fun of other people.  It’s true.  The concept of talking about other people may be used to reference ignorance and rudeness when talking about coversations, but for comedy it is perfect.  The main reason for that is so many people out there are just so stupid and their ignorant behavior is comical.  There is definitely a difference between laughing at a racial joke or a knock on a stereotype versus  laughing at the people who believe those stereotypes to be truisms.   There is a fine line that good comedians can walk when telling racial jokes.  Others that attempt it just end up offending someone and trying to explain themselves.  Now there are also some outrageously over the line inappropriate comedians like Lisa Lampanelli that still have a strong following and great report with their audience which is predominantly made up of all the people she is talking about.  She’s not racist.  She’s quite the opposite in fact if you’ve ever seen her show.  She is just an equal opportunity offender.  Plus when you’re sitting at a comedy act you expect a certain amount of harrassment.  It is not the same as addressing say a church congregation.  Anyway, check out Bill Burr sometime.  And if you have time look at some of his other skits such as ‘Epidemic of gold digging whores’ and ‘Women are a**holes’.   It sounds like it would be degrading or offensive, and yet a audience that is probably 50/50 men and women is very entertained. 

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