What Is Wanted

As I sat at my boyfriends home with all his closest friends, I took an interest in getting to know a few of them. As I sat and talked with Jeremy I grew more and more interested in his views of the perfect wife. I was shocked at my own reaction when he told me he never wanted anyone older and even close in age with him. Now I was shocked at my own reaction because to me that is normal for men to want much younger women. I wasn’t offended or upset in any way. I felt that I should have been upset in some way or another because the way Jeremy was talking; he was an ageist. As he continued discussing all the things he wants in a woman I also learned he never wants a black or Hispanic woman. He stated that Chinese or American woman are what “gets him going”. I almost laughed right in his face about the words that came out of his mouth. Jeremy went on a full rant about how Mexican and black woman are just “to hard to handle”. I had no care to ask him what he meant by that so I just left the conversation. He defiantly had me thinking for the rest of the night. Are younger woman really what is more desirable to men? Why are so many of us stuck in dating our own race or only the ones we think we “can handle”. Are we only wanting younger less experienced people because our older generations did? I mean it cant really be that hard for someone to find someone to date in the same age range. And what is up with people categorizing what race they are and are not willing to date? Why should it even matter?

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1 Response to What Is Wanted

  1. That gets me thinking…
    I know that everyone has taste. My taste is someone the same age as me, or preferably older. Not to say that I wouldn’t date anyone younger than myself, I just wouldn’t be as attracted to them as I am to others. Now, I wouldn’t say I am an ageist, but I do like what I like.
    I think this is very common. Some men like cougars, so I think it differs between the person.
    Now if a man said he would absolutely date no one older or even close to his age, he may very well be an ageist.

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