Genetic Discussion

After the special guest speaker today had discussed many of the details about genetics and heritage, it made me think of perhaps exactly where my ancestors came from. I enjoy learning where my friends, family, and other people can trace their heritage to. I do however think a very important point was brought up with the Black Seminoles and how they were culturally seen and recognized as a part of the Seminole family, but genetically weren’t included. I feel like this would be the case for many people today who consider what ethnicity or race group they label themselves as. It is most definitely, I believe, a combination of cultural and genetic make up that determines exactly what ethnicity people identify themselves as. My case would be that I am (my uncle has done a few ancestry tests) thought to have a combination of German, Croatian, and Sicilian heritage. However, my immediate family on my dad’s side all keep many of the Sicilian traditions and identify ourselves as such. On my mother’s side there is almost no real sense of German heritage even though both of my grandparents were German. So in closing I feel your ethnic background can without a doubt prove genetically what ethnic group your family lineage can be traced to, but it is also your choice as to what culture you may identify yourself as.

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