Emmett Till

After we watched the movie on Emmett Till, I was in complete and utter shock. I could not believe that with that time period black people were still getting treated like that.  I was almost in tears sitting there thinking that people could actually do what they did to that teenage boy and act as if it was nothing. They did not receive the punishment they should have gotten for that crime. It is horrible to think that, that was just a norm back then and even in the 50’s this still was going on. I don’t get people and the things they think about when they do something. That boy had his whole life to live and it got taken away. He should have been able to live out his life and not have to get tortured the way he did. Will the world ever be safe enough to live in? Because I do not feel safe living in our world. There is too much crime and hatred in the world and it’s horrible!

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