Bad Situations

Today as I speak with a family about their childhood I learn something interesting. This family grew up on a suburban street with all Caucasian families. All of these families were having children and everyone on the street seemed to get along. One of the families decided to move to another area. Then another family and another family decided to move. eventually about five families on the left side of the street moved away. After a few months of these five houses being on the market a few families came to look at them. Of course it is great that their were new families coming to move in! Unfortunately it wasn’t great for the parents that the new people moving in were all African American. This was fifty or so years ago and it really upset a lot of people on the street. The original families refused to move but would never let their children go down the left side of the street. Seems silly now, but during that time this situation was not okay. One day a child went down to play with the black kids on the other side of the street. He came home with blood running down his face and bruises all over his body. The black kids had beaten him up. Unfortunately this made the white families completely outraged and even more racist to this day. Fifty years passing and the white families that lived on that street are still scared and hateful towards all black people.

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