Ramblings by an old dude

  I enjoy this class very much, it is always interesting and I find my self impressed with you young people. For old farts like myself it is hearting to know that younger people have good ideas, good questions, and seem to have open minds. There is an old Indian saying that goes something like we don’t own the earth , we borrow it from our grandchildren. I do strive to leave the world better off than I found it. Anyway I am getting off track here, so back to my point. There seems to be a crazy fascination with people and their choice of partners, I don’t know why. I don’t give two shits who sleeps with who. It is none of my business , I know nobody cares who I sleep with. (Well my wife probably cares) I feel that if you find someone you love and care about why should anybody else care? If people want to get married why would anyone stand in their way? If this is a bible issue then I can understand people might be hesitant or unsure, but didn’t they reference slavery in the bible?  Yet that has been outlawed and seen as barbaric and wrong, a very dark chapter in this country’s history. The beauty of this country is that you can believe whatever it is you believe, however it is a dangerous slope when we let government choose our beliefs . In my culture people who were gay were considered to have special medicine, and were not ostracized. Life is very short, we all deserve the right to be free, to pursue happiness, and to worship in our own way. There are some universal truths; we are all made up of the same ingredients, plants, animals, rocks, and human beings. We share the same planet, the same sun warms us and gives light, we all need water, we all breathe the air that circulates our earth. We share this planet and if we get too sidetracked by unimportant distractions, we will kill our planet and ourselves. We are all in this together, there have been times I needed a helping hand and it didn’t matter that the person was gay, it mattered that he stuck his hand out to help me out. I have stuck my hand out to help people and that is what mattered. I hope I haven’t preached too much . Sorry I didn’t mean to sound preachy, I am just a simple Indian trying to make sense out of your world. ha ha ha ha  tip of the hat to Phil Hartman.

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