2 Responses to Indian’s logo

  1. ec1975 says:

    I definitely agree. I have been a Cleveland Indians fan since I was a kid, and just like you, it didn’t seem offensive because I grew up with it also. But no matter, if someone is offended by something a person does or says, the validity of that complaint should be looked into. The Cleveland Indians’ logo as well as the Washington Redskins’ name have been debated for years, and hopefully, for the sake of all of those whom it offends, both of those items will be changed. What seems more offensive to me is that the Washington Redskins’ owner refuses to change the name and his only defense is that it is just “TRADITION”. How ignorant!!!!

  2. vixy96 says:

    Saying it’s “Tradition” is extremely ignorant and is the same as saying “It is what it is.”

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