Famous power

Going off of our discussion in class Tuesday, depending on how much money or fame you have, can easily determine the amount of power you also have.  One show I watch religiously, “Nashville” has a character named Deacon in it, who is a famous singer and also an alcoholic.  One night he ended up getting trashed and was in the car with another character (Rayna) while she was driving. They were arguing and they ended up in a car accident.  Rayna was in a coma so because of feeling guilty Deacon told the cops he was driving and they arrested and threw him in jail.  He was assigned a public defender because he didn’t want to pay for a better lawyer but because the public defender knew who he was and knew how famous he was she went beyond to prove that he wasn’t the one driving and to get him out of jail.  Soon enough, he got out and didn’t have to pay her anything especially since he was saying he was the one driving.  All and all, it showed me again that if it was a regular person that did that, would she of gone above and beyond for them to find evidence to get them out of jail? Or was it because she knew his music and how famous he was? It’s crazy to think about.

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  1. marietown says:

    I watch “Nashville” just as much as anyone. Deacon felt extremely guilty for putting the woman he loves in the hospital. He told everyone he was driving because he truly believed it was his fault. The lawyer helped him the way she did because she saw the guilt in him and wanted him to realize that what happened was not his fault. Whether or not he is famous, people help the ones that need helping. I don’t believe she helped him because he was famous. It would have made her look better to throw him in jail because Reyna is more of a celebrity than he is. Therefore if the lawyer just let Deacon stay in jail, fans would be much more happy; because they blame him for Reyna being in the hospital. I think people help those who need helping. In the end most people will do what is right.

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