The survey

I received an email from The Cleveland Indians. I am guessing it was because I bought openining day tickets and got registered on their website. The survey first asked questions about my experiences with the Indians this summer and summers past. It asked how often I go to games and how enjoyable my experiences have been. Then it starts showing different Indians logos and asking questions about those. The first was the ‘C’ and it wanted to know if I liked the logo, if it gave me a sense of tradition, and would I buy merchandise with this logo on it. The next logo was the script ‘Indians’ you see on the from on a lot of jerseys. The same line of questioning followed. And then they showed the Chief Wahoo logo and asked the same. What I fould most entertaining about the survey was how they asked if you would purchase merchandise with that logo to see if you approve of it, and they effectively avoid directly asking if the logo if offensive. Marketing is everything. Believe that if they find that most respondants favor the Chief Wahoo logo, that they will not be shelfing it anytime soon. Nothing is more powerful than the almighty dollar.

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