Shopping While Black! What?!?!

“Shopping While Black” is an article written by the Associated Press that states black people shopping experience can involve “suspicious glances, inattentive clerks or rude service” (“Shopping While Black”, Associated Press, 10-29-13, written by Jesse Washington) and goes on say that shopping for a black person can be humiliating.  The article continues to explain how this is a larger problem then people realize and that it adds up over time.  The article sights many examples, some by famous people like President Obama and Oprah Winfrey as well as others not in the lime light.  The article goes on to explain that blacks are not stealing more than other groups they are just being watched closer so are being caught, as the article states it is “a self fulfilling prophecy” (“Shopping While Black”, Associated Press, 10-29-13, written by Jesse Washington).

 Are we watching black people more?  Do they get worse treatment then there white counterparts?  I will have to agree with the article to extent.  I do believe that black people with get more negative attention (or inattention if you will) as well as closer scrutiny for theft but I also think that they want to see it so any little affront will be see as this huge conspiracy.  This is another self fulfilling prophecy.  I believe that progress will have to made on both sides, we will need to work together to help break these stereotypes.


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One Response to Shopping While Black! What?!?!

  1. Although as racist as this article and thoughts that come to mind may sound, this is true. When it comes to shopping, the business is money. Employees are going to be nicer and more attentive to people who look like they are going to spend more money. I’ve experienced this myself although I am not black, in a little bit of a different way. I’ve been to more expensive shops and clothing stores while dressed up in my business attire and all employees pay attention to me and ask if I am finding everything okay, and if I need any help. While at these same exact stores when I go shopping on a saturday morning after just waking up in the morning in sweatpants and big sweatshirts, I get no attention whatsoever. Employees almost act rude and too busy to speak to me or help me. If I experience myself, I’m sure I can understand when black people say they feel this way when they go shopping. Employees can pick and choose who they feel will spend the money and create the revenue they need, and ignore the ones they think won’t.

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