Wrong to tell kids happy birthday?

I was working the other day when a mom and her little girl came in to pick up a cake.  The little girl had on a pink tutu and a tiara that said “birthday girl” on it. Trying to give the girl some attention while she waited for her cake, I asked if the cake was for her and how old she was, told her happy birthday, and gave her a couple pennies to put in our coin collector all of which put a giant smile on her face. After they left, my manager who is a 24 year old man, said that he’s glad the girls who work there can act like that to make the customers happy because if he acted the same way, that woman wouldn’t come to our store anymore because he would look like a pedophile. When did it become wrong for for people to wish little kids happy birthday if they’re walking around in clothes that tell you it’s their birthday? 

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3 Responses to Wrong to tell kids happy birthday?

  1. Sadly I have to say I might agree with your boss.

  2. But let me say, this is not your boss’s ( or any mans) fault. In this day and age anyone anywhere can be seen as a threat. Look at the things that happen day in and day out throughout the country. It is not fair that we have to shield our kids so much in this world. With all the terrible terrible things that happen each day, just having a simple conversation with a stranger can make you cautious. Look at the things that happen at churches, with sports coaches, or even things with other family members. Sadly your boss and anyone else who acts friendly can be seen as a pedophile. Hopefully in the future things like this will improve and people won’t be so on edge. Your boss can have an innocent conversation with a little girl on her birthday, yet the mother of the little girl can see it as something so completely different.

    • mmr40 says:

      I can understand why it could be perceived as a problem but I feel in that specific situation, it wouldn’t have been a problem for him to interact with the little girl. Like I said, the girl was wearing all of the birthday gear and when you know it’s someone’s birthday, the first response is usually to ask how old they’re turning. If she was with her mother, I don’t think it would’ve been weird for him to ask. If the theoretical conversation happened while the mother was in the bathroom or otherwise not present and he proceeded to get more personal with the questions, I would understand more of how it would be seen as borderline pedophile warning signs. I get that parents are just trying to protect their kids but I feel like taking away a little bit of the special attention on your birthday is sad

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