Check for your race

I was just recently filling out a job application, I then get to the part that says what your race is, and you have almost 10 different races to choose from. I think its just absurd that in this day in age we still need to fill out if we are white, black, asian, latin. What does it matter what your race is when filling out a job application? I personally do not think it should matter. And the thing that got me was that when I was given a tour around the place every person who was working that day were all white, no other race. So if I were to fill out the asian spot on that form would I not have gotten a call back? Gets me thinking.

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One Response to Check for your race

  1. ec1975 says:

    I haven’t filled out an application in a long time but I do know that they still require that information which makes no sense to me. They say that your race doesn’t matter as far as being chosen for the job, so why ask? I understand that jobs are required to interview and hire a certain amount of minorities, but that information should be known at the interview, not the application. Getting the applicants race at the interview doesn’t guarantee that a person will or will not get the job, but we are making it alot easier for employers to discriminate by giving them the ability to reject an applicant by simply doing nothing without ever seeing the person face to face.

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