A Day at the Stadium

I went to the Browns game yesterday.  It was my first ever Browns game so I didn’t really know what to except.  Overall, it was a fun time but there was definitely a lot of things i could have made posts about. The most shocking was how the Raven’s fan sitting in my section who was on the receiving end of a lot of jokes and taunting responded to the jokes. While I can imagine how it can be annoying being mocked the whole game, it’s to be expected when you wear the opposing teams jersey.  I also expected him to come back with some comments about how the Ravens are the “World Champs.” What I didn’t expect was for him to say that the only reason he was being picked on was for his skin color; he was an African American man with a Caucasian wife. Now, the fact that he went there from light hearted sports jokes absolutely blew mine and everyone else’s mind especially considering many of the fans who were throwing out jokes were also African American. 

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