American Indians

American Indians are not a race I see all that often around where I live and work (Medina, Strongsville, Parma). However though I grew up next door to a family that came from India, moved to California for a few years and settled down in Medina. The two sons went to high school then attended Akron University and are both now chemical engineers. The daughter who is the same age as I, attended Kent State, and is now in her last year at NEOUCOM, which is a med-school in Ohio. She works in a hospital and is currently in the process of becoming a brain surgeon. These three children are some of the absolute smartest people my age that I know. 

Also over the weekend I went to Ohio State to celebrate Halloween and you know what race I noticed the most? American Indians. I asked many of them what they were going to school for and every single one I asked replied, ” to be a doctor”. 

Why do American Indians have a low chance at a higher education? Is it a coincidence that every one I’ve ran into is extremely smart? 

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