I Am Malala!

I recently saw a story about a young teenage girl from Pakistan named Malala who started a movement for education, encouraging young people, and people in general, to further their education.  In her country of Pakistan women are nowhere close to being equal to men.  They are not permitted to receive the same education as men or an education similar to that of Americans.  In Pakistan the females are allowed to learn about being a servant to the men and to learn about the Muslim religion which has strict laws regarding the actions of women.  Women are not permitted to be seen in public without being accompanied by a male, even if the male is an infant.  She and other young girls in their country risk their lives to go to school everyday. Malala became a public voice for pro-education which made her a target.  Approximately one year ago she was shot in the head at point-blank range by the Taliban because she chose to be educated outside of the normal tradition of the Pakistani women.  She has since made a miraculous recovery in just one year, and continue to make a stand for education.  She is wiling to risk her life for education even after facing death,  while many of us won’t even risk sleep.     

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