Women in Church

A friend recently asked me to attend church with her. I am no church goer, but I do believe in the importance of it. Growing up I was brought up in a Christian religion. This past weekend was my first time attending a Catholic Mass. Overall I enjoyed it; what really got on my nerves is that there were absolutely no women priests. I noticed a handful of men that were obvious priests, but no women. I found it shocking because I have always known priests to be both men and women. I asked my friend why there were no women in this mass today preaching to us, and she told me because women are not allowed to be priests here. As you could of guessed, my mouth fell to the floor in shock. What kind of organization that is supposed to be fair and religious, denies women to teach in the name of God? Are women really still being looked down upon in church? Are women incapable of preaching to the people? It is completely unacceptable that organizations are still kicking women out of leadership roles, especially church of all places.

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1 Response to Women in Church

  1. ec1975 says:

    I agree, but it is not just the Catholic church that do not allow women certain positions. I grew up in the church and both of my parents were preachers for as long as I could remember. At our church women could have the same positions, responsibilities, and stature as the men, but there were plenty of churches that didn’t run their organizations the same way. I had an uncle who had certain restrictions for women preachers in his church. These certains rules or restrictions are determined by the denomination, or specific type or branch of religion, and also , at times, by the rules of that specific church. Just like the Catholic church you visited doesn’t allow women priests but that is not a rule that every Catholic church has or even enforces.

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