South Dakota and Native Americans

A friend and I recently went on a trip to South Dakota and Wyoming, beautiful country, best I have ever seen!  In South Dakota is an Indian Reservation.  I wanted to take a trip through thinking there would be cultural attractions.  When someone heard I was planning this they informed me that the reservations were not safe and were “ghettos”.  Since there was so much else to see and do I decided to not check them out.  Part way through the trip we were a bar and grill next to our restaurant were we had the pleasure of meeting a husband, wife and older son (old enough to drink), nice people, very friendly (like everyone in South Dakota).  They informed that visiting the reservation would not have been a good idea.  They stated that the Res (there term for reservation Police) would have possible hassled us since we were not from there and that the local people on the reservation would have not wanted us their, to point of there may have been violence.  Of course I have made what they said sound more proper, they put it in a much clearer and blunter way, the way things such as these should be explained to make ignorant (ignorant is not made it just means uninformed) people like we were understand the danger in what we were planning.  On a lighter note they continued to drink long after we stopped to the point that an ambulance had to be called for the son, when my friend asked why they were not going with him they stated “he dopes this all the time”  Take a trip to South Dakota it is God’s country, just stay off the Res!

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