Dating within money

I recently starting seeing a new guy who happens to come from money. We’ve known each other for awhile but just recently starting seeing each other.  His family owns their own company, so they have a lot of money.  My family is the complete opposite.  We manage, but by no means come from “money.” I work at a store and pay for everything I have, just making it by so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked when a customer who is a regular told me his family may not be so accepting of me because I don’t come from a lot of money like he does. It irritated me because this guy has never flashed his money or made it known his family has money and neither have the family members of his that I’ve met.  It IS possible to find someone and have a connection with them that isn’t based on money or social standards.  I still can’t understand how some people think that people with money won’t accept people who don’t have as much money, and what’s worse is that it actually happens like that!

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