Twelve Years A Slave

Yesterday, my class and I went to the movies to view “Twelve Years A Slave”.  It was an excellent movie, for anyone who was thinking about going to see it.  The storyline ws very powerful, and it being based on a true story makes it even more amazing.  I think this is a movie that everyone should see.  I’m a 38 year-old black man and even I didn’t know that whites were kidnapping free black men from the northern states and turning them into slaves.  I knew it happened back then but not to the extent that it was portrayed in this film.  The gentleman in this movie was an educated young man who was well known throughout his community and was doing well financially for he and his family.  They didn’t just take someone who didn’t have family or whom they thought wouldn’t be missed.  They kidnapped a prominent community member and converted him into a slave.  This showed me, among other things, that there were no limits or boundaries that wouldn’t be crossed by individuals looking to profit from the slavetrade even after specific laws were passed to attempt to protect “free” black people.  Overrall, I was overly pleased with the movie, and even more thankful to have a professor that would offer this opportunity to the class.     

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