12 Years A Slave- Reaction

Twelve Years A Slave really shows just how horrible slaves were treated. Although it was a great movie that really opened your eyes to slavery, I just wasn’t very impressed. I was really hoping to learn something from this movie, and to see things that no other movie had shown. Unfortunately I thought Twelve Years A Slave was just like every other slavery movie. There was nothing new or different about it. The graphics sure did show a lot more abuse then any movie I’ve ever seen, and that alone made me open my eyes to how painful and tortuous the lives of slaves had been. Twelve Years a Slave was a great movie, but for me it just was not what I was hoping for.

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1 Response to 12 Years A Slave- Reaction

  1. courtneyjdanko says:

    I enjoyed watching the movie also, but at the end of the movie I was hoping for a little bit more too. I seen very few films about slavery, and I believe this one we watched as nothing too extravagant like I was expecting. I wished they would have shown more of the 12 years and expanded on more specific stories of things he remembers happening. It was a good film, but I was hoping to see more than what was shown.

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