12 Years A Slave

When first asked in class about going to see this movie, of course myself, along with everybody else in class all wanted to go because that meant not sitting through a long Tuesday night class. I then looked up what the movie was about because I had never heard of it, until Professor Flatt told us about it. It seemed very interesting, but at the same time I became a little taken back because I did not want to see the horrible things that had happened many years ago. In the beginning of the movie it became very overwhelming, which got me to the point of wanting to get up and walk out, but I did not. It was a very strong and meaningful story. The whole movie was hard to watch just because to me I cannot believe that this could happen to anybody, who could every do that to someone? It just absolutely blows my mind, nobody should every be treated that way, ever. It was very hard to watch. But this movie really showed people the power and strength behind it all. It was just so powerful.

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