Remembering Slavery

The movie 12 Years a Slave was intense movie about a free black man illegally sold into slavery and what he had to endure to survive.  This movie shows the terrible treatment that slaves endured at the hands of the plantation holders.  This movie will help educate people, since many will not read the book which came first (I added it to may Amazon with list!).  While a long movie it kept you riveted.  This movie teaches better the evils of American slavery better than any text book can, no one can deny the images they see.  In the movie the slaves were treated as property and worse than the working animals on the farms.  The horses and cows were treated better!  How does humanity degrade to the point were you think it is ok to whip someone almost to death or make them work unbearable hours.  As the saying goes forget history and you are doomed to repeat it, we need to remember this to prevent it from happening here in America again or elsewhere in the world.

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