12 Years

 I saw 12 Years a Slave with my classmates and our Professor. I was emotionally spent at the end of the movie. To think that people at one time and probably today as well, thought that this was not only ok, but that God gave them the right to treat other human beings in this way makes me wonder what happened to their soul? How do you say that you are a Christian, and treat people this way and believe it? This is a crime against Universal Laws and Truths, and if your God is ok with this then I certainly do not want to know you or your God. If Jesus came back what would he say? And I am not even Christian. Very well done.

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1 Response to 12 Years

  1. I couldn’t help but to think the same thing the whole movie.
    These people have it in their mindset that is it perfectly okay to treat other human beings these certain ways. What made soloman so different from any other white man in the movie? What about the poor woman who got separated from her children? She had her children taken from underneath her, by whites ( who were also parents). This blows my mind. Just because she is black she has to endure this harsh lifestyle change, which no parent should ever ever have to go through. It wasn’t fair that anyone was treated the ways they were and it is truly upsetting to watch and realize how it actually happened. I am Catholic and I have to believe that God would never want to see his people treating others the way whites were treating blacks. It wrong, in every which way.

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