A Conversation with My Dad

So I came home from school and my dad asked how my day was. I told him I did decent on the test for this class and he asked what the test was about. I told him it was on “African Americans and the Black Power movement and Native Americans and the Red Power movement”. Completely ignoring the fact that I told him I did well, he responded with “Do you think Canadians deal with that naming crap? Calling people ‘African Americans'”? I told him that they wouldn’t be African Americans anyway if they lived in Canada. 

He then asked “What did you guys learn about Indians? You guys probably talked about how insensitive the Indians logo is, didn’t you?” His reasoning for why it should be kept is, you guessed it, because it’s tradition. When I informed him that the team used to be the Spiders, he said that “someone was probably offended by that logo too and you can’t please everyone so why bother. People are probably offended by the Fight IRISH name. Why don’t we change that?” I said that the Leprechaun was a fictional character and he said so was Chief Wahoo. I said that he was actually meant to be a caricature of a real living group of people. He then brought up how Tampa Bay changed their name from the devil rays because people were offended by the use of the word devil. I responded with the point that people were offended so it did get changed. Even though it was about an animal.  He said that Tampa Bay is where all the old, Cubans go.  When I told him that Miami is actually where the Cuban community is mostly focused, he said “Oh, I didn’t know that.” That was the end of that conversation and not even 5 minutes later, I see him reading something on my phone and mutter “That’s so gay”.

So in conclusion on this giant post, I think the final for this class should be talking to my dad because in less than 10 minutes, he will challenge everything we will have learned all semester.  Don’t get me wrong, i love my dad but just wow



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2 Responses to A Conversation with My Dad

  1. captdouger says:

    I wanted to say Thank You for writing that about your conversation with your Dad. I imagine that might have been hard to write. However we all have family members that don’t share our views on things, good or bad. However I am sure by the way you carry yourself that he will be influenced and impressed and he will say “wow”

  2. mmr40 says:

    These are arguments I’ve been getting into with him for years. You’d think that being part of a minority group himself, he would be more tolerant if not accepting of people who come from different ethnicities. But thank you very much for your kind words. .

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