Give me your healthy and poor

After watching the film about immigrants and health, I was not surprised that people’s health gets worse the longer they live here. If you are trying to feed a family on a budget, the kind of food that is more affordable is not the healthy choice, but the food that has no nutritional value. The food that is family size, full of preservatives and processed sugars, are what people buy in order to stretch their dollar. Not a bounty of fruits and vegetables, and we certainly do not have the time to make a meal and sit down together to eat it. We were told that technology was going to help us have more time to relax and spend more time with family and friends. It has done the complete opposite, people are more frazzled, more tired, more rushed, pay less attention, less patient, less aware of our surroundings, have a decreased attention span, less time for each other, less time for ourselves, we only communicate through our cell phones, I-phones, e-mail, text, twitter, insta-gram, and tablets. We work longer hours, have more stress, less pay, eat shit and die. Why wouldn’t you want to come here?

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