The other day I was listening to the radio and they were talking about a basketball player who got ejected from a game and then went posting on twitter about his teammates and calling them the “N” word, mind you he is also black himself. After getting much speculation about his choice of words he deleted the post and apologized for his choice of words. And then a man called into the show to respond and he started to talk about how it is okay for black people to call each other that, but it is not okay for white people to call black people that word. In my opinion I don’t think it is a word that should be used at all. I think it is a disgusting word for anybody to use and just should not be used. It’s a shame that people where actually arguing about this and that this basketball player would even come out and use it and actually be attacking his fellow teammates with it. It is not a word that should ever be used. It is a shame that it is still brought up to this day and people still use it. It is such a disgusting, nasty word. And this basketball player should get finned for using it and posting it on a social media website (he may have gotten fined I am just not sure). Did anybody else hear about this story?

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