Skin Color and It’s Obsession

Above is a link to a former baseball great who has been retired for about 5 years. He has been in the news for seemingly “changing skin color” over the past few years. He says it is from a cream he uses every night, and did not have a plan to change his skin color. The disparity is remarkable. However, it makes me wonder how someone who has made such a dramatic change to their appearance could not have planned something so intense in advance. With such a huge change in skin color it seems to me that he knew what he was doing since the beginning. It reminds me of the discussion in class about how Puerto Rican culture puts value on skin color. We learned that a lighter skin color resembled a higher level of class in their culture. Knowing this, it would seem that perhaps Sammy Sosa may be simply trying to raise his cultural presence in his community. I find it remarkable that someone would put such an emphasis on societal status that they would go through such a huge physical change like skin color.

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One Response to Skin Color and It’s Obsession

  1. ec1975 says:

    It’s sad but not surprising though. Sammy Sosa was also known for using anabolic steroids also. Because of how much of a celebrity Sosa is already, because of his fame from the MLB, it would be surprising to me if this was done to change his “class level” within his community, but I wouldn’t put it past him. The biggest pop star in the history of music decided to have multiple facial procedures to lighten his skin. No one knows the true reasons why, but class level cannot be ruled out. Although someone has everything, and is financially set for the rest of their lives, as well as their childrens’, you can never take for granted that they don’t retain the same thoughts as plenty of other Americans about skin color and the status that follows it.

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