English or Spanish?

Going off of what we discussed in class on Tuesday reminded me of my own feelings on the subject of our primary language.  I feel sort of guilty admitting this but the store I used to work at was right next to a Maria Garden’s and the majority of people that worked there were Mexican.  Everyday they would come in for lunch and I would get irritated every time.  They would be speaking Spanish to each other the entire time and when they would order food I could hardly understand what they were saying.  I remember thinking to myself and actually saying to my co-workers how annoying it was that we are in America and all I’m surrounded by for a good half hour everyday is Spanish speaking people.  They would also attempt to ask for lottery which irritated me more because they would tell me the numbers in Spanish! Although I could understand what they were asking for I couldn’t understand why they didn’t speak English more, at least to me.  I realize how our country is becoming filled with a good majority of people who speak Spanish and that is perfectly fine to me but I do from experience believe they should be able to speak English more.  It’s sort of scary the numbers we discussed on Tuesday about how Spanish is expected to be the primary language eventually.  I took 3 years of Spanish in high school but I definitely wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation in Spanish.  Makes me think a lot about the future of our country.

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