Katy Perry’s AMA Performance

Sunday night was the American Music Awards and pop singer, Katy Perry, is receiving a lot of hate for opening performance.  She was dressed in geisha attire and had cherry blossoms and Japanese drummers covering the stage.  She also changed the background music to reflect the Asian theme she was going for.  

Some are saying it shouldn’t be considered racist because she was paying homage to the culture of the country in which she spent part of her childhood growing up. They also pointed out that she wasn’t wearing the rice powder or the traditional Maiko makeup. 

However, her back up dancers all had the “Geisha face” and while her’s wasn’t the exact same, you could see that it was Geisha inspired. The problem i saw with the performance is the costume she wore; it was reminiscent of the traditional Geisha outfit but with her cleavage exposed and high slits up both of her legs which further promoted the over sexualization of Asian women.  I feel like the performance wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the sexy changes to the attire.  

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1 Response to Katy Perry’s AMA Performance

  1. I don’t see Katy’s performance as anything too shocking or offensive. Keep in mind ( like miley cyrus) They don’t ever mean any harm towards anyone, but the more talk they receive about their performance, the more famous they get. I don’t quite see where she was going with the Asian inspired act, but it fit well with her song, and over all she got pretty good reviews from it.

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