I hope everyone had a warm Thanksgiving. This year I refrained (for the most part) from wishing people a Happy Thankstaking. I don’t remember where I first heard that, I was at a Powwow or some Indian function when a brother told me that. I always thought it will make people think about Indian people and the almost genocide our people survived. However as I have grown to middle age I realize that what this holiday represents, what is most important, are the moments. The moments in which I laugh with family, the moments I look around a table and realize how lucky I am to have my wife, my boys, my grandchildren, my parents, and friends who enjoy the moments as well. And even if they don’t enjoy the moments I do. It is little stuff, little snippets of life I happen to be at the right place at the right time to catch and remember. I just lost my Grandmother two weeks ago, and I will miss her forever, but as she told me the last time I visited her she had a great life. She was 99 years old. My 80 year old Dad and my 78 year old Aunt both remarked how amazing it is to say they just lost their mother. My grandmother was a wonderful upbeat, loving, kind, generous, thoughtful woman who never complained about anything and never said a bad word about another soul ever. She and my Grandfather had one of those love stories you see only in the movies. They were married for 65 years. The night before her death I was driving home from class and came upon the side of the road a great Blue Heron. Anytime I have seen one they immediately fly away. They don’t like people getting close. This Heron looked at me as I stopped the car and rolled down the window, we looked at each other and he flew off. My Grandfather was a very spiritual man and believed in re-incarnation. When he passed away herons became a symbol for him. I believe that this was my Grandfather’s way of telling me he came for my Grandmother. It could be just an Indian thing but, there were other cars  on the road and this heron was right on the side of the road, just when I drove by. I have been lucky to have so many moments with my Grandmother and the rest of my family. I understand how life just does what it does , it doesn’t stop when someone is born, or when someone dies, it just keeps going sometimes seemingly thoughtless, but it is not thoughtless, it does what the creator intended it to do. a circle without end, we don’t decide when we hop on or hop off, I just try to be grateful for the ride and the people who I love, who are sharing the ride with me. I hope everyone finds that peace of mind and enjoy and appreciate the ride while you’re on this side of the circle that never ends.

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