10 ways race still shapes society is a website were the author creates lists on various ideas, they can be from the strange to the intellectual, this list is about how race is still affecting out society.

1. income:  based on your race how much you make

2. wealth: a correlation can be seen with race and the median income

3. justice: depending on your race you may get longer prison sentences

4. healthcare: even with “Obomacare” certain racial minorities still do not have access to healthcare

5. education: depending on your race, certain groups will outperform others

6. intellectual ability: race and stereotypes can affect our abilities

7. trust: even small amount of prejudice can affect how we fell about someone

8. aggression: a study to see if the subject should shoot the potential attacker, they had .850 milliseconds to decide, the attacker may have a gun or a cell phone, the only difference is one was black one was white.  Can you guess what the results were?

9. movies: most speaking roles go to a certain race, disproportionally so…

10. death penalty: certain groups depending if they murdered another certain group are more likely to get the death penalty

I purposely did not say what race was for each, I think by this point in society we should be able to see the disparity in treatment to minority groups.  Sometimes it is subtle and you have to take a step back and look at the numbers but it is there.  I still believe that people need to start trying harder and “pulling themselves up by there bootstraps”. 

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