What has this course done for me?

Im sure during the course of this class, certain thoughts and opinions for different races, religions, and genders have been brought up or perhaps kept secret. It happens to be todays society that there are people who are sexist, racist, homophobic or whatever type of hatred they may have. Even though I consider myself to be a very open minded and kind person, I cannot help but appreciate the world’s different cultures and peoples behavior more since taking this class. One of my favorite hobbies in my spare time is watching movies. I find myself watching numerous documentaries or films that reference or are about another culture. One of my favorite movies, (i’m sure the cinema value is increased) is Ip Man. It is a action movie about the man who trained Bruce Lee. What i enjoy most about this movie is obviously is takes place in China, so the Chinese culture during early 1900’s is displayed in this movie. I find the Chinese culture very fascinating, as the value on family and appreciation for one another resembles my family as well. (In the movie) I love how simple some of their lives are, enjoying things such as company of others, and a good meal. For those of you who are also interested in movies or documentaries that shows another culture here are a few i have enjoyed. The Last Samurai, The Pianist, My Way, or Ip Man.

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