Visual Nature of Society

During our last class, our professor had brought up a good point on how although people may look alike, (race, gender, hair color, build, ect.) it is very unlikely that two people share the very same interests or hobbies. I thought about this as I myself have a very diverse group of friends who all enjoy many of the same things. Many of you im sure have witnessed someone say, “look at that guy” or “I wouldn’t trust that woman” or comments of that nature. I feel that this is unfortunately the internal of society today. Whether it be through media, music, or peers, people today have such a habit of judging others and choosing who to associate with simply based off image. However, I have often though of the other half to this equation. My father would always tell me when I was a kid going somewhere to act appropriate and look presentable because I was representing my family. I have always dressed the way I have wanted, and done the things I have done on my own accord. But as much as I like agree with someone being yourself, I do happen to agree to an extent of what image one portrays themselves as. 

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1 Response to Visual Nature of Society

  1. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I am guilty of doing these exact things you mention in your paragraph. Many times I’ve thought in my own head “Look at that person”, ” I don’t trust that man”, ” Don’t get to close to them”. All these thoughts based on the outer appearence of someone. Without getting to know someone who am I to judge whether I trust them or not? Basing any opinions on someones racial differences should be avoided and I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of it. Everyone should be more aware and becareful to not let these thoughts interfere with actual opinions based off the character of the person. Although I am a white female under the age of 30, I sure don’t like getting placed in the “typical white girl” category I find myself in all too often.

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