Can females actually understand sports?

So i know we spent most of the semester talking about racism but I wanted to bring up an argument I get into all the time about whether or not girls possibly understand sports.  Now, I’m a female who happens to love sports, specifically football and hockey.  The amount of times during the winter sports season I get told that I can’t possibly understand the full dynamic of either of those sports is ridiculous, especially with hockey because I’m pretty sure I know more about that sport than most people should. But to say girls don’t understand sports? Is it because sports are a thing that boys typically bond with their dad over when they’re young? Because if that’s where the stereotype comes from, that’s also how I happened to learn about football and baseball.  I just think it’s ridiculous to say that women are incapable of understand sports!

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2 Responses to Can females actually understand sports?

  1. captdouger says:

    I agree with you, I was surprised when watching a college football game and the play by play was done by a woman. She was more than competent and did a better job than some men I have listened to. I can only say from my experience it seems that some women don’t care for sports. I had a woman friend who knew more about hockey ,racing, and baseball than most guys I know. well said.

  2. mmr40 says:

    I agree with the point that a majority of women don’t care about sports but I think it’s mostly because they more than likely didn’t grow up with it since little girls are taught to play with barbies or play hopscotch and jump rope while the boys go out and play football, basketball, etc. and to be honest, most of the time when comments of those nature are made towards me, it’s by guys who like a different team than I do and they don’t have anything to say back when my team is winning. My favorite insult was from when I was arguing with someone about football stats and they retorted with “I didn’t realize they printed stats on bags of bread now” since ya know, all women can handle is sandwich making

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