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My New Favorite

A close friend of mine recently recommended a book to me. I have always admired and been interested in Native American history and their experiences, so my friend loaned me a copy of Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On forgotten Roads … Continue reading

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Help! My Mom Is A Racist

In fact, both of my parents are racist. This isn’t something that I just discovered. In the past, my parents have been careful about the content of their conversations when in the presence of my children. Now that my kids … Continue reading

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Not Always What They Seem

I recently read a news story about an 18 year old Lakewood man who was robbed and shot on Detroit Ave. near West 52nd Street. The victim was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center paralyzed from the chest down. I discovered … Continue reading

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CSU Program Develops Competent Leaders

After reading an article in The Cleveland Stater entitled Diversity Management program is designed for 21st century workplace, I was pleased to learn that Cleveland State University offers a master’s degree in Diversity Management. This two-year program is held one … Continue reading

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Invisible Knapsack

The essay by Peggy McIntosh really gave me a lot to think about. Even though it was written in 1988, some of the conditions listed in her essay entitled White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack still have some merit today. … Continue reading

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Texas dragging

In 1998 white supremacist Lawrence Russel Brewer, along with two other men dragged a black man by the name of James Byrde Jr. to his death. Byrde was attached to a twenty-fourĀ  foot chain and dragged for three miles behind … Continue reading

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Good Hair-Really?

After watching the 2009 comedy/documentary Good Hair, I was left a little sad. In this movie actor and comedian Chris Rock seeks to find what the term”good hair” really means after his five year old daughter came home from school … Continue reading

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