$4.61 per gallon of gas!?

I happen to come across an article on yahoo news, that said gas in one part of the country reached a peak high of $4.61 a gallon. That’s just ridiculous! Living in the Cleveland area and with gas prices slightly on the rise this came to me as a very large shock. I have no idea why the US hasn’t figured out how to drill crude oil in our own land. I know that there has to be one intelligent person in America that can come up with the proposition that we should dig in our own backyards, per say. How can Americans afford to live in this “free” country when the cost of living is so high, and even higher in states like California. We work hard each week and at the end of the month there are a pile of bills almost reaching the ceiling. So by the time we pay it all off, what are we truly left with? Think about it.

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One Response to $4.61 per gallon of gas!?

  1. bridge727 says:

    It is funny to me that the cost of living keeps going up, but my paycheck doesnt. It is ridiculous that on a Tuesday the gas prices can be $3.49 and then two days later it goes up to $3.77 here in Cleveland and in California it is almost $6.00 a gallon. The reason they say is because they had to close a refinary in California and that is why the gas is so much. They are saving money on having a refinary that is closed because they dont have to pay employees and then they are also making money on the high cost of gas as well.

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