Muslim worker

             A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant in Florida stated Wednesday that the theme park would not allow her to appear in front of customers while wearing her head scarf. The 26 year old girl said when she wore the hijab to work Sunday, and she was told by her supervisor to remove it, or work where customers couldn’t see her, or to just go home. She chose to go home but reported to work for the next two days and was told the same thing by her supervisor.
              Telling someone to remove their hijab is unreasonable. Everyone has the freedom to wear whatever they want. In America people have the freedom of religion, and that they can practice any religion that they wish to. There is no where written that you can or cannot wear the hijab. Disneyland spokeswoman said “Typically, somebody in an on-stage position like hers wouldn’t wear something like that, that’s not part of the costume.” Which that is really messed up for her to say, because she should have been reasonable and knew that people should be allowed to practive any religion. On top of that they were trying to give her a backstage position so she wasn’t seen by the customers, like she was doing some sort of crime for wearing the hijab. I think that most people now know what a hijab is, moreover they understand that Muslim girls have to wear them some time or another.

             I wouldn’t have had a problem with this wonderful young woman who is devoutly practicing her religion. Who cares if she or anyone else covers their heads. It’s not effecting anything to the restaurant. If she wants to wear her hijab during their holy month she should be allowed to. We allow others to wear clothing required or traditional in their cultures, so she should be no different from others.

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One Response to Muslim worker

  1. AP says:

    I would challenge you to consider this situation from the management side of the house. While I am a supporter of freedom of religion and believe whole-heartedly that there is room for all religions in America, I can understand the position of the management. When I report to work, I am expected to be in uniform. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, considering this is Disneyland, which is a business, they have to acknowledge the fact that a vast majority of the American population has little-to-no understanding of the Muslim faith. Allowing the hostess to wear the hijab could pose a serious obstacle for the success of the restaurant, which is ultimately their number one priority.

    I think it is reasonable of them ot have offered her a “backstage” position to allow her to wear the hijab during the holy month and still come to work. Having been in management positions, it is not always easy to move people who traditionally work one position (say – hostess) to another position (short order cook?). She may require extra training, and other employees may need to cover her hostess shifts. This was actually a decent compromise on the managers’ side.

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