Mi casa es Su casa

Watching abc news as Diane Sawyer was reporting the election votes, I was shocked to see the input and partnership of Univision – a Spanish language television network. The news that is sweeping the nation is that Hispanic and Latino American’s population is rapidly increasing, making the possibility of no longer being the majority-minority reality. According to the U.S. department of Commerce “the most populous minority group remains Hispanics, who numbered 52 million in 2011; they also were the fastest growing, with their population increasing by 3.1 percent since 2010”. To add to that, the Census Bureau states that “White births are no longer a majority in the United States.”  Today, it is still evident that throughout America, in more states than others, racism and discrimination continue but when the day officially comes – whites being the minority- are we ready as a nation to stand other? I think we need to look past the skin color of others and improve America itself such as the debt crisis and the job market.  My country is Your country! Let’s work together




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