Affirmative Action

Affirmative action has been an issue in this country ever since the end of segregation.  This program permits that a company, city job, or higher education establishment must have a certain percentage of minorities employed or enrolled.  The program was started because back in the mid 1900s minorities were heavily discriminated against in these institutions.  In today’s day and age though affirmative action is a racist and unjust institution.

Affirmative action hurts more qualified individuals when applying for jobs and for schools.  A person is asked to put down their race in the application when applying to schools.  A school needing to enroll a certain percentage of minority students limits the chances a more qualified academic non-minority student has at securing a spot in the college or university.  The same thing goes for city jobs when a minority gets hired over a more qualified non-minority person it is dangerous for the other workers who may have to put their lives in the hands of the less qualified person.  This country continues to preach equality, but how can we be equal if programs like affirmative action continue to bring up race and make it such a large factor in our lives.  If this country ever wants to get over the race barriers institutions like this need to come to an end and people need to be accepted to colleges and universities or hired to jobs solely on their performance not on their race.


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